Today we will tell you about an exciting card game with more than 500 years of history

This is the most popular of all card games in the USA and around the globe. You most likely know what game we are talking about. If not, then listen carefully!
The goal of this game is to collect as many different combinations of 5 cards possible.
Your victory depends on what kind of combination you have collected.
Your profits depend on the stake you and your players have placed.
Can your guess the name of this game?
It’s poker of course!
This is a great game that is a popular choice for millions of gamers and people from around the world have been playing it for many generations.
Everyone is interested in this game. You can play it for pleasure or for profit and we are now even offering you this game in its online form.
Take great pleasure from this game. Experience the joy of victory and feel the thrill!
We are confident that poker will help you achieve financial independence and material prosperity. So far everyone who plays it feels a special sense of satisfaction.
There have been many surveys and polls carried out.
And do you know what we have found out?
It is unsurprisingly clear that poker is the most popular and noteworthy game compared to all other card games. People have been playing poker for many years and experienced both wins and losses. No matter what they carry on playing and enjoying the game.
We are now offering you the opportunity to start understanding exactly why the game is so enthralling. Enjoy the great combinations and indulge in gaming at its best in the company of real players.

Good luck and strive for the best!

How to avoid losing at poker

Poker is a rather complex game with many subtleties that every player should be aware of in order to increase their chances of winning the pot. Increasingly large numbers of people from all over the planet are playing poker, with the United Kingdom, Germany, USA and Russia leading having the highest the number of players.
Some people play poker just for fun or as an intellectual exercise, but for many, poker has become a source of income, a way to earn a living and improve their quality of life. Countless poker tournaments take place every year, various championships, poker series and challenges that quite often are broadcasted on TV. Every one of these participants wants to win and become a world famous poker pro. So what should a player do to avoid losing at poker? How can you win?

There are 10 basic guidelines player must follow to become a successful poker player. They are as follows:

  • closely monitor your bankroll
  • don’t talk while playing
  • keep the track of ‘nuts’ you receive
  • follow the game and be on your guard
  • don’t play too many hands
  • know your chances
  • take into account your position at the table
  • avoid bluffing
  • make notes of your games
  • talk poker with other players

Sticking To the Rules


the bankroll is the money allocated for the game. Don’t grow too attached to it – this money is meant to be used for playing poker.


don’t ever discuss the current game, especially if you have some useful information about it. By breaking this rule you increase the chances of your opponents gaining advantage over you


‘nuts’ is the best possible hand for any arrangement of cards. To be able to use your hand in the most efficient manner, you should learn the poker hands first


you should be aware of everything that happens in the game. Observe your opponents, their behaviour, game decisions, conversations – awareness is the key to the victory


pick the hands you play carefully, make sure they are strong. The better your hand, the less you have to worry about. Among strong hands are AA, KK, QQ and others


to remain confident during all phases of game, you should possess sufficient information and be able to calculate some values, including:

  • your equity
  • opponent’s chances
  • compare your equity to opponent’s chances
    7th rule – by being aware of the advantages and disadvantages of your position at the table, this will allow you to:
  • have more information than your opponents
  • know your bluff equity
  • be able to make more accurate bets
  • control your bankroll better
  • avoid bluffing
  • make notes of your games
  • talk poker with other players

in the long run, bluffing will reduce your chances of winning


accurate statistics will allow you to analyse and improve your game


conversations with other poker players, especially those more experienced than you, will give you an insight into how poker pros think and some fresh ideas on how to improve your own skills. Remember that there’s plenty of literature on various aspects of poker

Poker hands

Poker is a card game that is loved by millions world-wide. Its appeal is in that it is easy to learn but very tough to master, and many young people take up the game for this reason – the limitless potential for improvement.

The very first step in learning to play poker is becoming comfortable with poker hands. These are the various five-card combinations a player must make to win throughout the game. The strongest card a player can hold is an Ace and the weakest is a 2. In some cases, for example as part of Straight or Straight flush, an Ace can be used as a low card equal to the value of “1″.

In poker, strength of hand is firstly determined by the numeric value of the cards, whilst all suits are ranked equally and only considered in cases of a Flush or Straight Flush. The order in which a player receives their cards is not important. Creating the following combinations will increase the strength of a player’s hand, in the following order:

01 Royal Flush

The highest possible hand in poker. It’s a straight from 10 to Ace with all cards of the same suit (A-K-Q-J-10)

02 Straight Flush

Five consecutive cards of the same suit

03 Four of a Kind

Four cards of the same numeric value

04 Full House

Two cards of the same numeric value combined with another three cards of the same numeric value

05 Flush

Any five cards of the same suit

06 Straight

Five consecutive cards of different suits. Ace can count as either a high or a low card

07 Three of a Kind

Any three cards of the same numeric value

08 Two Pair

A combination of two cards of the same numeric value with another two cards of the same numeric value. The highest pair of the two determines the strength of the hand. If two players have equally strong highest pairs, lowest pairs are considered

09 Pair

Any two cards of the same numeric value

10 High Card / No Pair

A set of cards without any of the above combinations