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Blackjack has gained huge popularity for its speed, simple rules and strategy. In the USA, this game is very popular for both young and old. Here in Russia this game is still being called “twenty-one”.
The rules of blackjack are quite simple. The player has to place a bet against the dealer.
The aim of this game is to beat the dealer. Blackjack will always be popular. Play this game and we can assure you that this will be a game you will love.
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Blackjack is one of the most popular games played in the casino, and is played all around the world by a vast number of players. Up until recently, blackjack was only available in land based casinos, but nowadays can be enjoyed by anyone, anywhere thanks to the emergence of online gaming establishments. With strict gambling law limiting the operation of traditional casinos, the easy accessibility of the internet has made online blackjack very popular.

Playing blackjack online rather than a land based casino has its pros and cons, and both have their supporters and opponents. But which is for you?

Many gamers love the thrill and excitement of the traditional casino, and will argue that nothing can compare with the atmosphere of playing in a live gaming environment. Discussing their play, sharing the joy of winning or the grief of a loss is a necessary part of the experience. Others may also feel more secure in a land based establishment, with cards shuffled in their presence, surveillance cameras in heavy use and pit bosses on hand should there be any queries or dispute.

Fans of online gaming will point towards the easy accessibility, outstanding graphics, game play and lucrative bonuses on offer that cannot be matched in a land-based casino. While the atmosphere in the live environment can be exciting, it can also be intimidating for new and inexperienced players. There are strict codes of conduct that do not come into play online, and many players prefer this relaxed approach to their play. They can also play at their own pace and limitations, free of potential peer pressure from surrounding players.


Blackjack is one of those games where players are better following a particular strategy. Of course, you’re free to rely solely on your intuition, but that will reduce your chances of winning big. Basic blackjack strategy was developed in mid 20th century in Monte Carlo and is still relevant and helpful to blackjack players today.

There’s nothing fraudulent about the basic blackjack strategy as it is merely a set of recommendations players should follow depending on the cards they have. Basic blackjack strategy tables show the probabilities of your winning and the dealer’s loss and suggest the optimum course of action you should take. During the development of the basic blackjack strategy several millions of card combinations were evaluated, therefore it’s fair to say that the strategy is highly efficient.

However, the basic strategy has a weak point – it’s quite complicated to apply in a casino or whilst playing online, because looking up the particular card combination on the tables takes more time than players normally have during the game.

Fortunately, modern technology helps to solve this problem, offering blackjack calculators that provide players with quick reference to the data from the basic blackjack strategy tables. This software allows you to look up card combinations, probabilities of winning and advice on the best action to take. All that’s left for the player to do is choose whether or not to follow the suggestions offered by the blackjack calculator. Before use, players must set up the software, following a simple six-step procedure.

Blackjack calculator’s algorithm uses the same basic blackjack strategy that has proven ability to significantly increase a player’s chance of winning. According to experts, this software guarantees that players will stay in profit and supplies them with a list of online casinos where one can freely use the blackjack calculator.

This way you can turn into an active player and the blackjack calculator software will help you gain the winnings you are hoping for. With the blackjack calculator and basic blackjack strategy, both luck and mathematical probability are on your side.