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Card game rules

There are winners and losers in every game. This is always present, regardless of how many participants a game has or whether it’s taking place online or in a traditional casino. Every player needs to follow the rules of the game. Card game rules were developed over the centuries by avid players from various eras. Although every game has its own rules, in many aspects they are quite similar. Be it a game of chance, commercial game or a family card game, you’ll find that the following features almost always appear:


Draw. This is used to determine game partners, places at the table and the dealer. There are several ways of doing it, but two are used most often. Either each participant draws a card from the deck or cards are mixed in random order face down on the table and every player has to pick one. The player with the highest card becomes the dealer or other actions are taken as agreed by participants before the draw.


Shuffle. Any player can shuffle the deck, but normally this is done by the winner of the last hand. While shuffling, the dealer should be able to see just the backs of the cards. Before shuffling, players must make sure that the deck is full. If an error is found after the cards are dealt, players can decide whether or not to deal the cards once again.


Cut. The deck is divided into two by taking roughly the top half off the deck and placing the remaining portion of the cards on top of the part that has been cut off. You cannot cut less than 5 cards.


Deal. Cards must be dealt clockwise, starting from the player who sits on the left of the dealer. Normally, during the first round, each player is dealt one card. If by accident one of the cards dealt out turns face-up, participants must decide whether it’s kept by the player or replaced.


Trumps. A card game can have no more than one trump during any one hand. In case trumps have been announced incorrectly, players may reshuffle the deck after the first player makes his move.

Now that you know some basic card game rules, it’s easy to start playing. Card games are beneficial to intellectual developement, especially in children. Playing cards helps to improve reasoning, attention, logical thinking, patience and reaction. In addition, playing a card game with your friends is fun…all you have to do is learn the rules and enjoy.

History Of Card Games

Card games are an exciting hobby for many. Playing cards not only allows you to unwind and forget all your worries, but it also helps to develop the mind. In the ancient world, card games were amongst one of the most popular pastimes and were an accepted element of culture. They gained immense popularity and gradually became part of daily life for both ordinary citizens and influential members of society.

According to legend, card games first originated in Ancient China in the 12th century. Artists amused themselves in their spare time by drawing pictures of plants, birds, animals, and men and women on small pieces of paper. Every piece had a secret meaning, and they claimed, magic properties. As time passed, people started to use these paper cards for play. Even modern online card games contain some elements of the ancient Chinese cards. Within a short period of time, card games penetrated every level of human activity, there were different games for children, families and soon commercial card games were invented. Everyone could enjoy card games: rich and poor, kings and beggars, it was universal in its appeal.

Ancient Romans believed that these small coloured pieces of paper had magical powers that could be used to put curse a person or a group of people. Owing to concerns for such curses, in the 16th century governments tried to put a stop to the distribution of card games. Anyone found guilty of possessing a set of cards had to pay a huge fine. In spite of such measures, card games didn’t become extinct, but continued to bring enjoyment to players everywhere. At the time three distinct types of cards existed: German, French and Italian. Each had different set of suits and images. Of course, modern online card games offer much better choice and allow players to choose games according to their tastes and preferences.

Card games reached Russia at the beginning of the 17th century; it is believed they were brought over by the Ukrainian Cossacks. Despite their late appearance, card games achieved popularity amongst Russians. Unfortunately, Russian authorities weren’t any different from their counterparts elsewhere in the world and the harmful influence of card games on individuals and society is mentioned in the Russian Law Code of 1649. During the next century, card games and gamblers were harshly persecuted. After a while, however the Russian government permitted commercial card games which weren’t considered harmful. On the contrary, it was believed that commercial card games were beneficial to the development of intellectual abilities.

Nowadays card games have achieved even wider popularity, thanks to online card games that allow players to compete both against human opponents and the computer, allowing players to win cash and improve their skills.

Variety of card games

Card games are widely played as they can be enjoyed by everyone. They can be so exciting it’s easy to forget yourself completely while playing. To prevent players from getting lost in the huge choice of available games, we created a list of card games that will help you find your favourite game quickly and with ease. In case you need to refresh your memory, a short description of the game and its rules is included. Our list contains both Russian card games and games from other countries. Some of the most interesting card games are listed below.

  • Landsknecht is a game for two or more players. Depending on the number of participants, one or more decks of cards can be used. One player acts as the banker, but passes on the deal when the game is over. The ante is a previously agreed amount of money and if nobody wins the pot, the amount in it grows progressively. The banker deals two cards face up on the table. These are called ‘hand cards’ – one is for players, another one for the banker himself. The banker draws a card from the top of the deck; cards that match the hand are laid besides them. The game is over when each hand card is matched, then– if a card matches the player’s card, the banker wins all bets; if a card matches the banker’s card – the dealer loses.
  • Stoss is a game of chance similar to Faro. It’s quite often included in card game lists. Before playing, participants agree on bet limits. The punter then chooses the card he wants to bet on and places it on the table face up, revealing it to the dealer. Afterwards the punter declares how much he’s betting on it and places his wager on the card. If the punter’s bet is too big, the dealer can refuse to match it. When bets are placed, the dealer cuts the deck and deals two cards. Bets placed on the first card are lost, whereas bets on the second card win and are paid out at 1:1.
  • Napoleon is a popular trick taking game that is often included in card games lists. The game starts with five cards dealt out to each player. Afterwards participants, starting with the player to the dealer’s left, bid how many tricks they think they can take. The highest bidder starts the round. If the player takes the number of tricks he declared before the game or more, he collects winnings from each other player. If the player was unable to make his bid, he pays for each trick to every player. The game is over as soon as the leading player takes the number of tricks he bid.

Card games for money

Playing card games for money has become a hugely popular pursuit in almost every country in the world. Card games were invented thousands of years ago and their popularity continues to grow!

Any card game of chance produces plenty of emotions; it can bring happiness, grief and joy. Players can make or lose a fortune in a single hand. Even when the chances of winning are small, players trust their instincts and take a risk. Currently among the most popular card games played for money are blackjack, poker, rams and whist.

Blackjack is a card game with rather simple rules and good chances of winning, and has become one of the player’s favourites. The objective of the game is to beat the dealer by bringing your hand’s value as close to 21 as possible, but not exceeding it. Unlike poker, blackjack is considered a game of chance as the player’s skill and strategy do not significantly influence the outcome.

Poker is the world’s most popular card game. It’s played by countless gamblers all over the planet. One can play poker in a traditional casino or online. Everyday thousands of tournaments are held and anyone can participate. Poker is one of the main attractions at any casino. To win at poker, players must have certain skills and strategies – you can rely on your luck, but it will scarcely help you to win. To profit from playing this card game, players must be able to react and make important decisions in seconds and remain in control regardless of what might happen in the game. In addition, a successful poker player should possess an analytic mind and strong maths skills. These characteristics significantly increase your chances of victory.

Rams is an incredibly simple and exciting game. The player’s main aim here is to take as many tricks as possible. 2 to 6 players can participate in this game, but just one of them will be the winner. After cards are dealt, players can decide whether to fold or play the hand.

Whist is an English trick-taking card game. Nowadays it can be also played online. Whist is played by four players who play in two teams. Although the rules are quite simple, players are required to closely follow the game and remain attentive. During a single game of whist 13 tricks are played and the side who wins more tricks scores 1 point for each trick they won in excess of 6. Today te team which first reaches 5 points wins the game, but originally 10 points were required for a victory.